Corporate Communication Consultancy


          “There has been implanted in us the power to persuade each other and to make clear to each other whatever we desire, not only have we escaped the life of wild beasts, but we have come together and founded cities and made laws and invented arts; and, generally speaking, there is no institution devised by man which the power of speech has not helped us to establish.”

Isocrates, Antidosis, Section 254


Do you know what impact poor communication has on your organisation? Do you know what your (teams) communication strengths and weaknesses are? The PADLE corporate communication system consists of five components (phases) which can be combined or tailored to suit organisational requirements (following assessment of their internal and external communications):


Phase One: Assessment - Communication and core values assessment

This is the initial aspect of the communication consultancy and involves assessment of a sample of your organisation’s internal and external communications together with an exploration of your corporate core values and to what extent these are communicated within areas such as corporate ethics, goals, organisation and management, reporting, internal and external relationship management and sales.  This informs a needs analysis and formulation of goals, training plans and outcome assessment processes.

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Phase Two: Corporate communication consistency - PADLE: positive and directional language

Individual, team or corporate-wide training, enhances and maximises spoken and written communication effectiveness in a wide range of situations and environments. 

 Our oral and written language evolves during our childhood, education and exposure to a wide variety of environments and influences.  We learn the words to teach, to persuade, to argue, to amuse, yet rarely do we have opportunities to learn how to use the actual words for maximum and accurate impact.  Individuals can learn to easily apply effective spoken and written communication methods and techniques to develop and enhance existing skills.

The impact of increasing the effectiveness of communication can be far reaching in any role or situation where participants wish to have the insight to most accurately target their communications, reduce resistance, gain the most out of available resources, encourage compliance and maximise positive rapport.  Imagine having the knowledge and skills to present a talk which reaches each member of staff in a way that is most absorbable for each individual. Consider how negotiations with managers could be made smoother. Even wonder how a report to the boardroom can be understood, regardless of the topic.  These methods and techniques have wide applications every day.

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PADLE is a highly interactive and participative programme, which teaches participants how to easily apply effective spoken and written communication methods and techniques.  Participants will gain awareness of their own use of language and an understanding of how they can use often simple language phrases to optimise their effectiveness during communications.

This innovative programme will give participants the knowledge and understanding to take them on a personal and professional development journey towards maximizing the impact and appreciation of their communications in each situation and environment.  Participants will discover the advantages, benefits and applications of directional and positive language to enhance and maximize excellence in oral and written communications when working with people.

The programme blends presentations with activities exploring the material being introduced, resulting in participants developing skills in the application of the techniques being introduced, together with an understanding of how they can implement the techniques in own practice. Participants will also achieve an appreciation of the use and impact of multiple modality positive language and its influence upon written and oral communications. Additional and supporting material is presented in handouts.


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Phase Three: Polishing professional performance - The P6 model: Positive professional performance produces positive perceptions

Targeted focus for individual positive professional performance.

 This model works alongside the PADLE model or separately and focuses on individual positive professional performance enhancement, whether for a single employee or an entire organisation. P6 explores ‘TABIC’ the inner coach for thoughts, actions and behaviours, and considers personal and professional self-talk, professional interpersonal communication and professional actions and behaviours. Participants work with and gain a range of ‘ready to use’ techniques they are able to apply to present and future applications.

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Phase Four: Leadership language - The Language of Leadership

Persuasive communication skills for directing positive behaviour, perceptions and culture from ground-floor to board-level

This programme is provided in modular form, and is thus highly customisable, enabling participants to discover and explore their verbal and non-verbal personal and professional communication approaches. They will be able to gain insight into their own ‘Language of Leadership’ style, and gain an understanding of how and when to incorporate other styles. The material is provided in a ‘ready-to–use format so participants can immediately engage with new skills, enabling them to rapidly gain confidence, motivation and inspiration to integrate new approaches into their professional work. 


Phase Five: Advanced communication - Language Shaping for Successful Communication

Developing communication confidence and competence in a wide range of scenarios.

This highly interactive programme offers a blend of presentations, illustrated with real-life scenarios, and practical activities designed to rapidly develop confidence and competence in applying these strategies. There will also be opportunities for participants to ask questions and to feedback and reflect on practical activities. A comprehensive hand-out is supplied to support the programe, and to enable participants to continue to develop, integrate and evolve their range of Language Shaping Skills. Participants will gain an understanding of the factors involved in effective communication, including the advantages of building rapport, together with developing insight into the impact of focusing language to engage and influence. 

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The communication consultancy programme can be provided to groups or individuals.

Full day (7 hours), excluding travel and room hire (where required).

Individuals: £850.00

Groups (up to 10): £850.00

Groups (10-20): Additional £15 per person


Half-day sessions are available (3.5 hours), excluding travel and room hire (where required)

Individuals: £450.00

Groups (up to 10): £450.00

Groups (10-20): Additional £15 per person