Presentation Skills Consultancy

Some people are natural presenters… most of us learn how to do it through study and practice.  Dr Kate has extensive experience at presenting to conferences and teaching people from a broad range of industries how to excel at presenting.


Would you like to maximise your communication effectiveness?  Give exciting and interesting presentations that hold your audience’s attention and interest?  There are skills which, once learned and practiced, will support you for a lifetime.

Good presentation skills can help you climb the career ladder and have applications far wider than you might think…. Confidence, self-assurance and poise, developed with your presentations, can shine through naturally in all aspects of your life whether effectively presenting your case to a management or executive board, asking for a pay rise, addressing a large conference, or in your leisure and personal life.

Whether you want to get performance nerves or anxiety or brush up on your stage craft, this detailed and highly interactive consultancy programme will develop new skills and enhance current abilities.  You will be able to develop an understanding of what makes an effective presentation and how to avoid the potential pitfalls.  

Individual coaching starts with a thorough assessment of your presentation skills, and then works with a tailored, yet comprehensive programme, which addresses he entire presentation event, from the initial invitation or application, through to preparation, the actual presentation and maximising the benefits during the post-presentation stage.

Aspects include:

  • Preparation essentials

  • Presentation essentials

  • Post-presentation essentials

  • Preparing conference / presentation proposals

  • Getting the message right

  • Keeping the audience

  • Body language

  • Location factors

  • Technical considerations (including audio, microphones, lighting)

  • Using presentation media

  • Using the ‘stage’

  • Use of voice

  • Handouts and supporting materials

  • Networking

  • Types of feedback and reflection

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The communication consultancy can be provided  to individuals or groups.

A Full day (7 hours), excluding travel and room hire (where required).

Individuals / groups (up to 10):  £850.00

Groups (10-20): Additional £15 per person


Half-day sessions are available (3.5 hours), excluding travel and room hire (where required)

Individuals / Groups (up to 10): £450.00

Groups (10-20): Additional £15 per person